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Dear Penn Community,

PCI Ventures is initiating our next cycle of the Volunteer Internship Program. We are searching for talented individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit that are looking to develop their skills by gaining hands-on experience volunteering within a startup in our portfolio. We welcome Penn undergraduate students, graduate students and postdocs to apply. Prior volunteers have reported great professional growth and personal satisfaction from supporting an early stage venture and working closely with the CEO and/or Founders. In turn, our portfolio companies report valuable contributions from volunteers with a variety of backgrounds and skills for tasks such as:

  • Market research & strategy
  • Business development, commercialization strategy & sales
  • Financial modeling
  • Marketing,  social media, communications
  • Coding & web development
  • Data management and analytics
  • Grant writing support
  • Statistical analysis
  • FDA regulatory process research and support
  • Mechanical & electrical engineering (prototype development)
  • Lab/research activities
  • and more

Please submit your application by September 3, 2019. Applications will be accepted beyond this date too; however, the chance of being contacted by a startup may be reduced since companies gain access to prospective volunteer resumes on this date. Your resume will be accessible to PCI Ventures companies and Pennovation Center startups who will reach out to you directly for an interview. If mutual interest for a volunteer opportunity exists, specifics of the engagement (e.g. working hours, length of engagement, responsibilities, deliverables etc.) will be worked out between you and the company CEO directly.

About PCI Ventures

PCI Ventures supports the commercialization of technologies developed by the Penn community through company formation and entrepreneurial endeavors. We engage with Penn faculty, staff and students through programs such as this. We have over 60 active companies in our PCI Ventures portfolio.

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Please upload your resume (above - PDF or Word). We encourage you to upload a cover letter too to highlight your existing skills and prior experiences, as well as the opportunity that you are seeking.

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PCI Ventures provides this platform, as a service, to connect volunteers to valuable hands-on learning experiences that will enhance their professional development. In turn, the volunteer is expected to behave professionally and with best efforts to provide helpful support to startups. The details of a volunteer internship engagement will be mutually determined directly between the volunteer and the company point-person (CEO, Founder, other).

By checking the box below, I acknowledge that PCI Ventures is providing a means for volunteers and startups to connect, but is not actively involved in the logistics or management of internships.

Also, if the opportunity presents for this internship to transition from uncompensated to compensated at any time in the future, I acknowledge that I will contact Penn ISSS or an immigration attorney to gain an understanding of the requisite steps needed to remain in compliance with my current immigration status.

Lastly, I attest that I will provide the startup with insight into my immigration status and supply any required work authorization documents BEFORE beginning a compensated role.